Hi. My name is Julia and, at age 42, I had a heart attack. Four years later, my husband Andrew, at 48, had one, too. Sounds like bad luck, but it was those crazy life circumstances that led us to begin Canndeux CBD. In the long road back to recovery, both Andrew and I struggled with all the side effects of the medication we had to take. We wanted to find more holistic ways of easing our pain and stress while we rebuilt our strength.

A couple more unexpected visits to hospitals, and we had enough. A friend suggested looking into CBD, which at the time was relatively unknown. We started trying different CBD brands and talking to our doctors about taking CBD as an alternative to some of our pharmaceuticals. So we started taking CBD, and it was a game-changer. We were excited about this organic path we found, so we told friends and family about our new discovery.

Since those trying times, we have learned about and vetted many CBD brands and products. It turns out, not all CBD is created equal. Some CBD isn’t organic or pure, while others are imported and cheaply made. So after years of development and research, we created our own line of CBD products that checked off every box. CBD that could give peace of mind that you were making the right choice for your health. CBD is constantly evolving to have many physical and emotional benefits to us humans. And we want to help people get the most out of this amazing compound by offering different products to target different symptoms. Which is why most recently, we’ve created a CBD cream that we’ll be launching soon. 

Our company has grown since our heart issues, and two more significant people joined our Canndeux family. Brian and Jason have been our friends for years, and life bonded us together in the most unusual way - Andrew had his heart attack while visiting their house! When they heard us talking about our search for the perfect CBD, and possibly bringing our own products to market, they were excited to join our team. They became fast believers of our product and how it helps people. Brian’s Mom, for instance, suffered from migraines her whole life, and Canndeux has given her new-found relief that she never thought she could have.

We each have a personal journey as to how and why we believe in CBD. We’d also like to hear of your personal journeys. We create these products for our customers and we care about your feedback. So, stay connected, be a part of our family, and we’ll do our very best to continue to bring you the best quality products out there.